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Advanced Endodontic Care is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on approximately 260 reviews from around the Web.
First root canal I have ever had and the only painless dentist experience I have ever had. I appreciated it very much.
Jen J
They made me feel comfortable and explained everything and it was easier than getting a filling. PAIN FREE experience which was great.
Chuck Lopez
Wonderful staff and atmosphere.
Davis B.
If you have any fears or just can't seem to get out of your car to go in, I can assure you they will be very good to you and will go above and beyond to make your visit as comfortable as possible.
Cheri Stewart
They were all very friendly and helpful. My elderly father is very hard of hearing and they were very patient with him.
Cindy Timm
Had an amazing experience with the staff here. Also the view is absolutely peaceful and amazing
kathleen hensley
Had an Anazing experience!! Thanks Dr. Hansen!!!
Aracely Reyes
Highly recommend the team at Advanced Endodontic Care.
Don&Sandra Kurkjian
Great place. Dr. Hawkins and his assistant Monica did a fantastic job. Would strongly recommend.
Sarah-Brandon Ritchie
Not a fan of the dentist at all but this place made everything a breeze. Had a root canal and was very comfortable during the whole process.
Anthony Farve
Great place. Dr. Hawkins and his assistant Monica did a fantastic job. Would strongly recommend.
Brandon Ritchie
Dr. Hansen and Haley did a great job on my root canal. Very professional from start to finish. Highly recommend.
Ron Schenck
Just had a root canal done and they were awesome! Cranked up some jams and easy peasy! Very professional staff!
Jane Frazier
This is my 5 Star story, I had two great experiences with AEC with Dr. Hawkins and DH Adriel, Dr. Wueci and DH Becca, The only regret is I wish I had went to them a long time ago.
Shawn Martin
Great staff, excellent doctors. Zero pain for my root canal. I couldn't have asked for better treatment. Fast and very professional.
Lee Horton
Everything was so professional and welcoming. I’m not going to say I will be back. Thanks for everything.
Ray Shafer
Had an emergency root canal, got me in the same day, very pleasant people, very understanding personal and a great Doctor!! God bless
Jorge Morfin
Excellent Experience!! Dr Hawkins & Haley were very friendly & professional. No pain during or after my root canal. Highly recommend!
waltpat anderson
He said he had ZERO pain during the root canal 😱 Dr. Wuerch was absolutely amazing. The patient care here is incredible.
Teri Thomas
Best team ever!
Phil Farmer
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